Why come to Bosa?

Bosa is an ideal holiday destination for couples, families with children, or groups of friends. It has stunning scenery, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, delicious food and local wine which altogether invite peace, relaxation and discovery. Exploring the many beaches within a few miles along the coast is a part of most peoples' holidays.


There are many beaches nearby. Each beach has a different character - from sandy strands to remote rocky coves reached by footpaths or boat. You could easily go to a different beach every day! The nearest beach is Bosa Marina - a long, sandy beach sheltered by a jetty. This has free access and nearby parking as well as bars and cafes set around it. Other beaches within a few miles and well worth visiting are Cumpoltitu, Tentizzos, S'Abba Druche, Porto Alabe, La Speranza and La Poglina. Day trips can be made to Is Arutas, Is Arenas, Santa Caterina, S'Archittu, Maria Pia, Porto Ferro, Stintino, Porto Conte. Sardinia is famous for its beaches - come and find out why!


During the warmer months, there are regular outdoor concerts, exhibitions of folk dancing, and open air theatre on the main street. Traditional festivals occur on an almost monthly basis. Of particular note are Carnevale in February, Santa Maria del Mare on the first Sunday in August, and Regnos Altos on the second Sunday in September.

Sa Piatta – inspiring events and workshops

Those who want to take time out to explore a new place and find meaningful connection with others while looking within themselves may be interested in events run by Sa Piatta. This venture is run by a psychotherapist, trainer and former director with over twenty five years of professional experience. SaPiatta offers events and workshops specialising in personal development and holistic holidays at affordable prices. Participants on SaPiatta events receive an information pack with maps and details of walks and day trips and can join in the tailor made excursions.

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MIVA Holistic Health Studio
Yoga, Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Craniosacral, Biodynamic

MIVA is an association of experienced practitioners of holistic therapies with a lovely spacious riverside studio in the heart of the town. They welcome visitors to Bosa for treatments or classes and all practitioners, although Italian, speak English. You could have an Ayurvedic massage, a Shiatsu or craniosacral treatment or take a Yoga class. They also have a programme of holistic holidays combining all four.

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Bars and clubs

There are many bars and a number of clubs in Bosa and Bosa Marina, which are open 'til the small hours' and which are filled with young people during the summer. Popular places for dancing are Set Club, Disco Paradise and Zia Maria. During the summer Set Club hosts a club at S’Abba Druche beach with buses taking revellers to and from Bosa. Pizza Paradise is next door to Disco Paradise a mile south of Bosa Marina along the coast. It is a great outdoor setting.


Among the many activities available locally are:

  • Cycle hire
  • Boat hire
  • Boat trips
  • Canoeing
  • Bird watching
  • Wine trails
  • Excursions by Il Trenino Verde (the little green train - a small gauge railway)
  • Diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming
  • Sunbathing
  • Walking
  • Choral Music

Bosa also has:

  • Two museums
  • Two art galleries
  • A number of attractive small boutique style shops
  • Many churches
  • Two ‘pay as you go’ internet points

Day trips

Sardinia is a large island and there are many places of interest which can be the focus of day trips such as Alghero (lovely historic town with strong Catalan influence), Tharros (Phoenician ruins and quartz beaches), Tiscali (remote mountaintop village hidden inside a cavern), Orgosolo (famous for its political murals), or Sassari (large town with a historic centre, a university and an important museum).

There are also many places which are not famous but which are nevertheless rewarding to visit and which you may come across if you just wander - vineyards, caves, ancient settlements, sacred well temples, local villages covered in murals, tiny churches set in the hills, hilltop villages with stunning views over open countryside. Sardinia unfolds its secrets to those who explore.

Bosa offers peace, beauty and restoration for the mind, body and spirit.