Sardinia is famous for its sunny weather, friendly people, good food, gorgeous beaches and magnificent scenery. The island is just over two hours flight from UK and northern European airports and less than an hour from Italian airports, but light years away in terms of relaxation and delight.

The second largest island in the Mediterranean, approximately 300 km long and 150 km wide, it has a varied geography and is surrounded by clear, clean, turquoise sea. The population is small, and the people are welcoming. The countryside is empty of traffic, filled with vineyards, olive groves, oak forests, rocky hillsides, mountainous regions of deep peace and spectacular beauty. It is easy to get away from tourist crowds and immerse yourself in peaceful, ancient landscape, while towns offer the opportunity to share in the excitement and activity of local life.

Sardinia is a place of wild beauty, with spectacular beaches, rocky hills and mountains, and the aromatic plants and shrubs of ‘la macchia’. The sun gives a strong clear light, bringing a radiance and intensity to the colours of the sea and land. Sardinian people are proud of their island and heritage, and yet wonderfully friendly and hospitable to visitors. They are known for being open, warm and understated.

Unique ancient culture

There are huge prehistoric stone structures called nuraghi; mysterious ceremonial sites; ancient water temples; lost villages in the mountains such as Tiscali; Phoenician and Roman sites, as well as tiny medieval churches – over 7000 archaeological sites are scattered across the island. There is a living culture of compelling polyphonic music and traditional dance. Many people speak both Italian and also Sardinian dialects. There are festivals frequently – about one per month – often nominally celebrating religious events, but often with distinctly pagan, or secular, elements.

Modern and convenient

And yet Sardinia is also contemporary, with standards of service, amenities and accommodation that you would expect from a self-catering holiday in modern Italy. The island is served by three airports – Alghero (1 hour from Bosa), Olbia (2 hours) and Cagliari (3 hours). Low cost airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet fly to these airports from many European cities. There are also ferry ports at Porto Torres, Olbia and Arbatax/Tortoli where ferries from France and Italy arrive.