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Located in the town are supermarkets, greengrocers, bakeries, fish shops, butchers and pastry shops. A large street market is held in Bosa every Tuesday morning where it is possible to buy fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables from local growers, cheeses and meats from local producers and all manner of breads, nuts, honey and sweets.

Many places to eat

There are more than 30 places to dine out in Bosa and Bosa Marina. Food is presented in a wholesome and simple fashion letting freshness and flavours speak for themselves. As well as pizzas, pasta dishes, fish and meat, you will find traditional Sardinian dishes. There are also many bars and cafes serving beer (try Ichnusa - the local lager type beer), wines, aperitivos, digestivos and coffee.

In the surrounding area there are also several outstanding restaurants and trattorias run by maestro chefs whose specialities are cooked with imagination and dedication using fresh local foods of the season. Although you will discover your own favourite places to eat, we give suggestions in the information booklet you will find in your apartment. This includes recommendations by past guests.

Seafood, breads, cheeses and meats

Being on the coast, seafood is a speciality of the area. Crabs, lobsters, prawns, shellfish, sea urchins and flatfish such as swordfish and sea bass are plentiful. Baked daily, Sardinian breads and pastries are delicious. There are many different varieties of artisan made cheese to sample, from strong tasting sheep's milk pecorino to soft and creamy ricotta. Sardinians love meat, and there is a wide variety available including handmade sausages, prosciutto and salami as well as pork, lamb, beef and chicken.


Sardinia is reputedly where wine was first pressed in ancient times. There are many excellent varietals to be found, as well as vineyards that welcome visitors such as Sella and Mosca just north of Alghero. Strong red Cannonau, or Nepente di Oliena are highly recommended. Dry Vermentino di Sardegna has a clean mineral taste and is amazingly delicious chilled. Malvasia di Bosa, a sherry like fortified wine grown locally was featured in the film 'Mondovino' in 2004. You should not leave Sardinia without tasting the characteristic "mirto" a unique flavoured after dinner "digestivo" made of myrtle berries.

Ice cream

And last but not least, there is ice cream! There several gelaterias in Bosa, where they make their own ice cream on the premises, which often becomes a high point of the holiday for children… and adults.